Jenn Sterger Mocked Brett Favre For His ESPYs Reaction To Caitlyn Jenner

When last we checked in with Jenn Sterger, the former New York Jets gameday host who received some unwanted texts from Brett Favre in 2010, she was taking credit for giving Kissing Suzy Kolber its name and cracking Favre jokes on Twitter. As Twitter is wont to do.

Sterger’s still mocking the Arli$$ guest star (easily his most famous credit), this time during last night’s ESPYs, where Favre was seen maliciously rubbing his hands together, like some sort of Rocky and Bullwinkle villain, while Caitlyn Jenner was walking toward the stage.

Ironically, that’s the same look Peter King has whenever he gazes longingly at Favre.

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