Video From My Worst Card Game Ever

04.22.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

This time I was at The Venetian for Jennifer Harman’s charity poker tournament benefiting the Nevada SPCA. I happened to be in the neighborhood (seriously) and they offered to buy me in if I told everyone what a wonderful time I had. Uh, so I get to brag to everyone about playing poker in Vegas and I get a post out of it? Well, that plan kinda went to Hell when I busted out of the tournament on the first hand. It’s hard to brag about anything when you do it worse than Carrot Top. Oh, and I walked down a red carpet with a wiener dog, if you haven’t heard that story yet.

I put together a video after the jump; I apologize in advance for using that JXL remix, but really, it’s hard to do a video about Vegas and not use that song. And by the way, Carrot Top actually was there and he was really cool, so I really shouldn’t be ragging on him. More celebs and poker players in the video after the jump.

I did my own camera work there and, let’s be honest, it’s horrible. This makes Cloverfield look like an episode of “I Love Lucy.”

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