Jets’ Sanchez, Holmes Full Of Theories

05.21.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

If there’s one thing New York Jets coach Rex Ryan hates, it is media attention. Needless to say, Rex is going to be plenty upset with his QB Mark Sanchez after the second year signal caller told reporters at the White House that he plans to make his second visit next February, predicting a Super Bowl victory. Sanchez and tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson were guests for a dinner featuring Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Ferguson was a last second replacement for Braylon Edwards, who dropped his invitation 47 times before asking to be traded to another state dinner.

Sanchez, who threw 12 TDs and 20 INTs with a 63 passer rating in 2009, is coming off knee surgery, but remains confident that new role players on offense and defense will give him the Trent Dilfer edge this season. If Sanchez’s prediction sounds familiar, it’s because Ryan made the same prediction before last season, when the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game, ironically thanks to new DB Antonio Cromartie. A team player already.

Frisk me for national security purposes, NY Daily News:

“I knew we were scoping out this territory and we’re coming back in February,” Sanchez said Thursday. “That’s in the back of your head.

“Now, Brick and I will know where to go, so we’ll just lead guys around and throw in a tour.”

As Sanchez wrapped up with reporters, the situation became awkward when White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hey chico, these champagne flutes aren’t going to fill themselves.”

Meanwhile, Sanchez’s new No. 1 receiver, Santonio Holmes, is still responding to questions about his iPod brouhaha on a recent flight to Pittsburgh, and the recipient of a 4-game suspension believes he is the victim of a vindictive flight attendant. Holmes told reporters the flight attendant targeted him because she’s starving for glory:

Holmes, who was questioned by local police and not charged, gave an account that mirrored what he relayed to coach Rex Ryan when it first happened. Asked if he believed the incident was due to him being a former Steeler, Holmes said yes.

“I honestly think it was,” Holmes said. “Flying back to Pittsburgh for the first time since being here in New Jersey. And she definitely just tried to make a name for herself.” (

When reached for comment, the flight attendant said nothing because nobody knows who she is and she couldn’t be reached for comment.

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