Jim Harbaugh Is Now Screaming His Face Off In Michigan Rap Videos

Jim Harbaugh and his $15 Wal-Mart khakis might be the last person you’d expect to show up in a rap video, but that’s just what we have here on this blessed day.

The Wolverines head football coach guest stars in the video for “Who’s Got It Better Than Us?,” a Michigan football rap song with a title that borrows Harbaugh’s signature family saying. The song is actually somewhat of a remix, as Bailey — the rapping San Francisco native behind the track — recorded the original about the 49ers back in 2011 when Harbaugh was at the helm, leading the Niners to a Super Bowl appearance.

The coach didn’t make an appearance in the original video, but it seems he jumped at the chance to be involved with the remake. He’s very present in this one.


The video also features Harbaugh behind the wheel of a yellow Corvette, as well as Bailey sharing screen time with some Michigan sports legends such as Charles Woodson and Jimmy King.

It’s pretty funny to see Harbaugh venture so far outside his lane, but let’s recognize this for what it is. Coach enlisted his old friend Bailey to craft this very catchy piece of UM propaganda so that it can later be used as a recruiting tool to make Harbaugh’s Wolverines seem cool and hip.

The idea is actually quite smart and, most importantly, the execution is definitely not terrible.