Jim Nantz Can’t Do Tiger’s Job

04.15.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

Jim Nantz of CBS Sports is a lot of things, unlike Saskatchewan-based restauranteur Jim Nance, who I find to be one-dimensional and pithy. But the renown sportscaster had some things to say about Tiger Woods, just a couple days after The Masters where all we did was hear about Tiger Woods. But instead of discussing the eminent Parade Of Whores, Nantz addressed an outburst of “language” that Tiger made during Saturday’s round.

“If I said what he said on the air, I would be fired,” Nantz, told Mike Francesa on New York’s WFAN. “I read in the USA Today and it was called ‘mild language.’ Someone on my broadcast dismissed it as him having a camera in his face.

“How about the father and son who are standing right there by the tee?” Nantz said.

Think of the children!

“How about the hundreds of people who are around that tee who hear that? How about the hundreds of letters I’ve gotten through the years from people who have been outraged at the language they’ve heard there and have written me and said, ‘Why don’t you guys ever say something about that?’” –Houston Chronicle.

My biggest gripe about tournament golf is that its participants just seem too happy to be there, too happy to finish 15th instead of taking a run at the lead. And if Nantz or anyone else at the eyeball has such a big problem with it, then the solution is really simple. Shut the mics off.

The media does this all the time; they jam a mic in a guy’s face and then get all bent out of shape when lollipops and rainbows don’t come spilling out. That hypocritical indignation needs to stop. Nantz’ job comparison is totally invalid; he earns his keep by sitting directly behind the microphone and watching everyone else. If he could break 70 at August, he could openly use whatever “language” came to mind.

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