Jimmy Fallon Gives Out NHL Awards, Has Never Watched A Hockey Game

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05.14.13 8 Comments

Jimmy Fallon NHL awards

I love hockey, but I’m from the American south, so I’ll occasionally try to say “Kyosti Karjalainen” or whatever and have it come out sounding like a garbage truck. It happens.

Here’s Jimmy Fallon handing out NHL award superlatives on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ and garbage trucking everybody. Some of the awards are funny — Raffi Torres winning “Most Likely To Remove His Eye And Show It To You” was particularly wonderful — but yeah, I think the joy of the segment is assuming Jimmy said “no, I’ll be fine” to the NBC hockey rep with phonetic flash cards and muddling his way through the names on the fly. I’m surprised Chris Neil didn’t end up as “Crass Nail.”

The clip is after the jump. Warning: yes, he does snicker at several of his own jokes, so be okay with that going in.

However likes hockey over at ‘Late Night,’ if you’re reading this, figure out a way to work Maxim Balmochnykh into a joke, would you?

EDIT: NBC keeps taking down the video (because people are making fun of it, I guess?) so I’ll try to get up a replacement as soon as one becomes available. GG, NBC.

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