Jimmy Goldstein Brought Our Favorite Foreign Side Boob Back To A Lakers Game

Back in 2011, when we were all a little younger and more precious, I did a little digging to answer an age-old question from people who aren’t Los Angeles Lakers fans – “Hey, who’s that old dude who dresses like a blind cowboy?” The answer, of course, was James Goldstein and the question was raised after he showed up to a game with that lovely young lady above. We also learned that her name is Amalie Wichmann, and she is a Danish model who is quite pleasant to look at. Even Bill Clinton agrees. And now that we’re all caught up, we can check in to see what both of them have been up to this week.

Oh, look at that, they went to another Lakers game together. Damn it, Jimmy Goldstein is awesome.

Sure, instead of this non-news post, I could have jumped on the Lakers like most bloggers and writers have been doing, but that’s the great mirage of the NBA regular season. Everyone’s acting like the Lakers are in this incredible downward spiral and will miss the playoffs, but they aren’t and they won’t. Sure, the Lakers suck right now because they can’t find any chemistry, and I could say, “I told you so” about the constant rumors involving Dwight Howard, but I won’t because it will work itself out.

Maybe I could have just posted that photo that Kobe Bryant Tweeted of himself and Howard play fighting after the New York Daily News published a report that they got into an actual fight in the locker room. Here it is, in case you haven’t seen it…

But isn’t that photo a lot more fun if it looks like this?

That’s what I thought.