Jimmy Johnson Tried To Dab And The Result Was Hilarious

Dabbing is the dance sensation of the fall – the hottest thing since the Whip and Nae Nae – and it seems to be particularly popular in the world of sports.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton can certainly take a lot of the credit for bringing the dabbing trend to the NFL, but if he’s going to get credit, he also has to get the blame for us having to watch old white men like Frank Beamer and Dabo Swinney make a mockery out of it.

The latest person to attempt and fail at dabbing was 72-year-old Jimmy Johnson, as he tried to show Michael Strahan how it was done on the set of “Fox NFL Sunday” but ended up just embarrassing himself instead.

What are those noises Jimmy? What are you even doing? The rest of the Fox crew, even Terry Bradshaw, couldn’t even make eye contact with Johnson after that disaster.

To make matters worse, Johnson doubled down on it by attempting to teach a veteran how to do the dance, and instead just looking like he was covering up a sneeze.

I think dabbing is officially dead now, guys. Jimmy Johnson has ruined it for the rest of us.