This Video Of J.J. Watt Working Out To The ‘Karate Kid’ Theme Music Is Fantastic

Aside from the numerous brawls that broke out last week in a scrimmage between the Texans and the Redskins, another big focus of Tuesday night’s season-debut episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks was the workout routine of J.J. Watt. It was, perhaps, no surprise to learn that it goes deep into the night while no other player is anywhere to be seen. But perhaps it was surprising to learn that his workout song is “You’re The Best” by Joe Esposito, a song made famous from the final montage scene in The Karate Kid.

It’s interesting that Watt has chosen a song to work out to that was made famous in a movie that is five years older than him. Then again, who could blame him? It’s nearly impossible to not be inspired by lyrics like these:

“Try to be best, ’cause you’re only a man. And a man’s gotta learn to take it. Try to believe, when the going gets rough, that you gotta hang tough to make it. History repeats itself, try and you’ll succeed. Never doubt that you’re the one, and you can have your dream. You’re the best around. Nothing is gonna ever keep you down.”

Are you fully pumped up? I know this guy is.

(Via YouTube)