The Best Football Player In The World Met The Best Soccer Player In The World And They Took A Picture Together

“The best football player in the world” is what JJ Watt called Lionel Messi when the two met up and snapped a picture together that Watt posted to his Twitter account on Saturday.

It’s certainly arguable that both Watt and Messi are the best football players on the planet depending on who you’re having the discussion of the word “football” with, but the point is the pair are two of the best athletes out there right now. Watt was ranked number one in ESPN’s Top 100 NFL players list heading into the 2015 season (although Skip Bayless disagrees), and Messi edged Cristiano Ronaldo for the UEFA Best Player Award last week.

If you asked someone who wasn’t a sports fan, however, they might not exactly envision Messi as a world-class athlete based on the picture alone, as he is absolutely dwarfed by the massive Watt who stands at 6’5 and clocks in at nearly 300 pounds of mostly muscle (which he has to eat 9,000 calories a day to maintain). Messi, on the other hand, is just 5’6 but can do things like this, so it all evens out.

If only Serena Williams and LeBron James had been available, we could have seen the complete Mount Rushmore of 2015 athletes in the same photo.

Via: Twitter

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