Joe Buck Will Get A Chance To Guest Host ‘Jeopardy!’ Sometime In The Summer

Aaron Rodgers’ turn as the host of Jeopardy! came to an end on Friday evening. Now, the show will continue to shuffle through guest hosts as it looks to find a full-time replacement for the late Alex Trebek, with a new report indicating that a stalwart from the world of sports broadcasting getting a shot a little later this year.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, longtime broadcaster Joe Buck will spend a stint behind the podium. The exact air dates and the amount of time Buck will get to host the show are still to be determined, but Marchand noted that Buck getting the opportunity to do this means he will be put in contention to take over the show full-time whenever that decision is made.

Buck’s episodes are expected to air at some point in the mid-summer, according to sources. Guest hosts have done one- or two-week stints. No word yet on how long Buck will be on.

The tryout will not impact Buck’s schedule as the voice of MLB and the NFL on Fox.

Buck has done a little bit of everything in his broadcasting career, but hosting a show like Jeopardy! is a new one. It’s impossible to bet on this, but we would like to wager that one Final Jeopardy contestant who has no shot of winning will write down “What is THAT IS A DISGUSTING ACT” at some point.