Joe Namath Kissed An Ecstatic Verne Lundquist During The Iron Bowl

Verne Lundquist says his career is complete after snagging a smooch from Joe Namath during the Iron Bowl.

The legendary Alabama and New York Jets quarterback was in rare form when he visited the CBS broadcast booth during Alabama/Auburn on Saturday.

Safe to say Namath was very excited to see Verne.

Uncle Verne continued to call the game while Gary Danielson praised Namath as his “hero,” saying he used to emulate his style in the pocket when he was in high school. Later, Danielson brought out one of Joe’s famous fur coats for the quarterback to wear.

Namath ended the visit wearing a fur coat and kissing Lundquist on the cheek. The legendary play-by-play man was overjoyed. Lundquist, of course, is finishing his last season as a broadcaster for SEC football. He’s had quite a bit of fun on his farewell tour, but this might be his favorite moment.

“I’ve been surprised a few times this season,” he said. “That was a stunner.”

This isn’t the first time Joe Namath has wanted to kiss someone at a football game on national television. In fact, Namath really seems to have a thing for kissing people on TV. At least Verne was more than happy to accept the peck from the old quarterback.

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