07.22.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

Joey Porter was fined by the NFL this week for his altercation at a Las Vegas casino earlier this year:

The [Dolphins] team said Friday that Porter has to pay $141,176 for punching Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones on March 18 after a disagreement in the Palms hotel-casino . . . Dolphins coach Cam Cameron said Porter met with him shortly afterward and apologized. Cameron said the league and team would not punish Porter further, despite NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's recent crackdown on player misbehavior.

Certainly, $150k seems like a lot of money, especially to a lowly assistant editor who receives only thimbles full of whiskey as payment, but Joey's making $32 million over the next five years from Miami.  Has Roger Goodell's first off-season already exasperated him to the point where he sits glassy-eyed behind his desk, mumbling to himself like an abused substitute teacher?  First, he reduces Jared Allen's suspension, and now a mere fine for Porter.  Next we'll see league-mandated Humane Society public service ads by Michael Vick, and all is forgiven.  -KD

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