John Daly’s Girlfriend, Entrepreneur

07.12.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

The era of the interactive athlete is pretty amazing. Chad Ochocinco has a reality dating show, Chris Cooley is all about making Youtube videos, and anybody who’s anybody has a Twitter account. One athlete who should be more interactive is John Daly. I would love to see him get his own reality TV dating series. VH-1 could call it “Hey, Who Wants to Let Me Rip A Shot Off Their Belly Button? With John Daly.” Hell, it would be more interesting than watching Khloe Kardashian waddle around for an hour every week.

Unfortunately for all of us who would love to see which blond, buxom, beauty John would eventually sleep with until he got tired of, the alcoholic golfer already has a girlfriend. I know, I’m as surprised as you are.

Anna Cladakis, the girlfriend of golfer John Daly, was reprimanded for selling memorabilia during a tournament in Europe. The former executive for Hooters was selling caps and golf balls while following her boyfriend at Loch Lomond.

Daly said that the IRS is looking for him to pay a $1 million tab. Cladakis said the proceeds from her efforts were going to charity but European Tour officials told her to desist.

“We are aware of what she is doing and have asked her to stop selling items on the course,” said Championship director Peter Adams. “The European Tour has exclusive merchandise agreements and therefore took the appropriate action.” –USAToday

While no one’s reporting what exactly the merchandise is, I’m hoping it was John Daly bobble heads. They could have a bottle of Jack in one hand, and a button that has him drunkenly mumble “Hey, sweetness. You and your two chesticles look like you want to party,” then cues a vomiting noise.

While I’m sure the merchandise was for charity, I wouldn’t consider “The John Daly Booze Foundation” a very noble cause at all. Cladakis is pretty good at getting a lot of money for a little work. She gets $7,500 a month in child support from the founder of Outback Steakhouse. John’s hoping they can swing some free Bloomin Onions out of the deal.

Speaking of Hooters, here’s some video of Hooters Girls explaining the differences between the Cover 2 and Cover 3 defenses. Just kidding, they can’t do that, they can hardly tie their shoes. Luckily, Uggs are laceless.

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