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Former US Senator, former US Navy fighter pilot and current old guy John Glenn will dot the I in the Ohio State marching band’s renown Script Ohio formation tomorrow when the Buckeyes play the US Naval Academy.

Only a handful of non-band members have dotted the “i,” including comedian Bob Hope and golfer Jack Nicklaus.

Legendary Buckeyes coach Woody Hayes dotted the ‘i’ a few years before he died in 1988 and called it one of the highlights of his public life.

Glenn, 88, said he was surprised when he received the invitation. “It’s a a great honor,” he said Thursday from his home near Washington, D.C. “We’ll have a lot of fun.”

I thought this was pretty awesome, and then I realized that he was dotting the I with his wife. I guess that’s cute. I mean, Glenn orbited the earth. What did she ever do. It’s not like she was cooking him dinner while she was up there. I’m sure he got out of the rocket upon his return to Earth and she was like “Why didn’t you call? I was worried sick!” Sheesh. Women.

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