John Wall’s Second Pitch Is A Hell Of A Lot Better Than His First

04.12.13 5 years ago

Sometimes life gives you a do-over.

The first time Washington Wizards point guard John Wall tried to throw out a first pitch at a Washington Nationals game, it looked like … ugh, well, this. It was bad. Mariah Carey bad. It couldn’t even qualify as a legitimate bounce pass. The kind of thing Matt Ufford would’ve described as “physically retarded.”

Before Thursday night’s game at Nationals Park, Wall got a second chance at first pitch glory.


Sure, it wasn’t a rocket or anything, but it didn’t burrow itself into the ground at John’s feet immediately after leaving his hands, so we’ll count this as a spectacular victory. He gets a ton of cool points for actually giving it another shot, and not just saying “welp, that’s a thing I did horribly, who cares” and moving on with his life like pretty much everyone else who’s thrown a first pitch like a physically-inept six-year old.

Here’s another clip from CSN Washington of John at practice:

Would Johnny Football put this much effort into a second attempt? (Spoiler alert: no)

[h/t to The Nats Inquirer]

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