Johnny Manziel Is At The AFC Championship Game And You Can Definitely Guess Who He’s Rooting For

Johnny Manziel had one of the most notorious flame-outs of any first round draft pick in recent NFL history, but he still loves the game. Sure, he grew up in Texas and was employed by the Cleveland Browns, but that apparently hasn’t stopped him from attending the AFC Championship and rooting for the Patriots, according to his Snapchat. Sure, Johnny.

After his persistent problems with alcohol and partying caused the Cleveland Browns to release him, Manziel has recently claimed that he is sober and ready to seriously try a comeback at age 24. Manziel has said that he was “sick” of football, but if he’s attending a game on his own dime, then maybe the love for the game that made him is still there.

There’s no guarantee that a team will take a chance on a recovering alcoholic who’s undersized for his position and could come with a media circus, so Johnny has been taking online classes to finish his degree at Texas A&M. It’s easy to make fun of him for being a frontrunner, but the Patriots were the last team to employ Tim Tebow, so they know a little something about reclamation projects. Perhaps Johnny Football was just playing some politics.