Johnny Manziel Has An Unusual Explanation For The Video Of Him Partying In A Club

11.24.15 2 years ago 6 Comments
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For 99 percent of football players, a photograph of them being in a nightclub during the bye week would not be considered a major story. Unfortunately for Johnny Manziel, he is not 99 percent of football players. Manziel famously entered rehab earlier this year, and of course he has a certain reputation when it comes to his nightlife, so photos and videos that made the rounds this week of him popping up in an Austin club are going to make headlines.

Despite the fact that TMZ reported that Manziel was “not doing anything crazy” at the club, even the fact that he was there has apparently upset Browns’ head coach Mike Pettine so much, that he’s now not sure if Manziel will start the Browns game next Monday night against the Ravens, via ESPN.

“I want to sit down and discuss it before I knee jerk and kind of go off on a potential tangent with it,” Pettine said, while also acknowledging: “It’s a little easier to handle when it’s just a one-time occurrence, but when behavior repeats, not just him but with anybody, it’s certainly a cause for concern.”

“You have a vision of what you want the team to look like, how you want them to handle themselves when they’re out of the building. We talk a lot about it … so when things like this happen — and not just him, but just in general — any team when you have incidents like that [where] a guy knows that he represents more than himself and has issues off the field, it is frustrating,” Pettine said.

However, when asked about the video, which featured him holding a bottling of champagne, Manziel had an interesting defense, saying that videos “can be old,” via

“You know there’s all kinds of people that come out,” he said. “Videos can be old. Videos can be all kinds of different things. So like I said, I’m not in a state to be able to speak on it because my focus has been on this today and what really matters in this game on Monday. So that’s where my focus has been. I did get a chance to relax. So I haven’t seen anything like that, and I’m not going to be able to speculate on it right now.”

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