Jon Jones Lost An Open Weight Grappling Match To A Smaller Female Competitor Via Armbar

Entertainment Editor

Clickbait is defined as, “content, especially that of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page.” It’s important to note that this is not clickbait. The goal is to head you off at the pass well before you scroll down to the comment section. This was an accurate headline, you see. Jon Jones lost in the finals of an open weight NAGA tournament to a female competitor who is much smaller than him. She actually tapped him, in fact, via armbar. What’s even more impressive is that the girl was wearing jeans, and wasn’t wearing proper gear. It’s truly one of the great performances in grappling history. Right up there with Baby Jay Penn being the first non-Brazilian to win the World Jiu Jitsu Championship.

In reality, Jon Jones had some fun with a young fan at NAGA, where he was dominating in an effort to stay busy while he works out his failed drug test which has marred his latest UFC run. Here’s another battle leading up to his showdown with the up-and-coming grappler.

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