Water Bottles Can Be Really Complicated, As This Bruins Goalie Found Out

Boston Bruins backup goaltender Jonas Gustavsson had a great night between the pipes on Tuesday night in Tampa, recording a career-high 42 saves in a 1-0 overtime shutout win that helped the Bruins move into a tie for first place in the Atlantic.

Though the Lightning couldn’t manage to beat the veteran netminder all night long, it wasn’t a completely flawless night for Gustavsson. He was bested not once but twice by a couple of pesky water bottles during a break in the action.

The first water bottle had some sort of malfunction or blockage as Gustavsson tried to drink from it, which prompted him to throw it toward center ice for it to be exchanged for a new one at the bench. A second bottle was tossed his way by an official, but as the goalie attempted to stop it with his stick, the cover popped off and caused a major spillage right next to his crease.

Thankfully, the third time was a charm for Gustavsson, who finally got a full and functioning bottle. It’s just another reminder that sometimes hydration is hard for NHL players.