Arthur Blank Gave Julio Jones A Massive Contract And An On-Field Hug

Julio Jones is not Rod Tidwell, but damn it if we didn’t get flashbacks to Jerry Maguire watching this clip of Atlanta Falcons owner Blank telling Jones that he has a new contract with the team during pre-game warmups before their preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. .

Blank is known as player-friendly owner, so it should come as no surprise that it was Blank, and not Jones’ agent who told him about the new deal.

It’s also no surprise that Jones re-signed with the team. Since being taken in the 2011 NFL Draft, Jones has been one of the best receivers in the league and fellow star wideout Dez Bryant just received a contract extension from the Dallas Cowboys earlier this summer. The Falcons clearly aim to be a playoff fixture and securing a premium talent like Jones helps that effort. Same as toping Dez Bryant’s guaranteed money helped make this all a reality.

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