Just How Athletes Should Be Honored… By The Cartoon Network

Last summer, while both the NFL and NBA were locked out, I questioned why more athletes weren’t attending the Teen Choice Awards to try and gain a little favor from the public. Seriously, the athlete attendance was limited to Shaun White and 3 puppies from Air Bud’s litter, while half the NBA sat at home picking fights on Twitter. Well it turns out that the answer was pretty simple – make the whole thing about athletes and they’ll attend.
This was proven Saturday night when the Cartoon Network honored our favorite athletes at the second annual Hall of Game Awards, which is not to be confused with Spike’s F*CKIN’ ATHLETES, BRO! SLUTS! Awards, which are held on Vin Diesel’s birthday each year. Shaquille O’Neal played host for the Hall of Game Awards, and he was joined by dozens of child actors that I’ve never heard of. But plenty of athletes showed up to have their egos stroked.
You can wait and watch the whole show tonight (especially if you’re a fan of Flo Rida and who isn’t?) but I’ve got some photos after the jump. Shockingly, they did not name Jeremy Lin their new overlord.

(Images via Getty.)
He decided which kids got to go based on which names he remembered.
I would have preferred Ndamukong Suh playing human whack-a-mole.
What’s the point? He’ll eventually have to give this one back, too.
I assume crowds go apesh*t when Chansi Stuckey shows up anywhere.
It’s funny, he dresses exactly how I would if someone just gave me $20 million.
If I put a gun to your head, would you be able to name these guys? C.J. Manigo, Ali Sepasyar and Jackson Rogow. I don’t even think their moms know their names.
Seriously, kids have terrible taste.
He’s a propeller beanie away from starring on Mexican soap operas.
“Hey Matt, who are you wearing?”
“Why, it’s Steven Tyler for Fashion Bug.”
Someone has “we just banged in the limo” hair.
Despite his illness, Cannon remains the hardest explained working man in show business.
Someone should change his name to Sugar Puff.
“Remember kids, Dwight Howard will never be as good as me.”
I don’t know whose face is more appropriate.
I shoulda been a wrassler.
“Thank you for this award and finding out who Jeremy Lin is.”
In fairness, he was just dropping his grandkids off.
I just assume he was passing by and was like, “Cool, a snack table.”
I really like Victor Cruz and I hope he has a great career, but someone please teach him how to say, “No.”