Justin Bieber Became A Heat Bro For Game 7, ‘Sipped Water’ At A Strip Club

06.05.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Justin Bieber Lakers Kiss Cam

How long have you been an NBA fan, and what team do you root for?

Eighteen years, from the womb. L.A. Lakers.

That’s what pop star Justin Bieber told ESPN’s Jared Zwerling just last November, but a lot can apparently change in a matter of six months, as Bieber was sitting courtside at Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, wearing a Miami Heat hat. After all, the Biebs is the same guy who once filmed a World Series promo for Fox while wearing a Texas Rangers jacket and San Francisco Giants hat, so we don’t expect him to know too much about what it means to be a self-confessed lifelong fan of one particular sports franchise.

Of course, some NBA fans consider the Los Angeles Lakers to be direct rivals of the Miami Heat, among other teams, because the purpose of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh forming the “Big 3” was to create a new dynasty, winning not one, not two, not three, etc. championships and making people forget about the Kobe Bryant-era Lakers. Therefore, a lifelong “from the womb” fan like Bieber would understand that it’s not acceptable on any level to wear a rival team’s hat.

But this is Bieber’s world and we’re just sweatin’ his swagger in it.

Bieber was indeed wearing a black leather baseball jersey with black leather pants. It was enough SWAG to choke a rhino. If this kid doesn’t wake up in the morning and stare at an 8×10 of Kanye West for 30 minutes, I’d be shocked.

But also in defense of the pint-sized fart noise, I once watched from a short distance as Orlando Magic staffers asked John Cena to wear an Orlando shirt while he sat courtside to see his Boston Celtics play, so maybe Bieber was just lending some star power in exchange for the seats for his random lady, someone named Lil Twist and an additional gang of bodyguards that blocked everyone else’s views. I’m sure that the middle finger lady loved it.

After all, Biebs did hit the best South Beach night clubs, including Hyde Beach Club, Mansion and Bamboo, as well as the strip club Wonderland. Of course, because he’s only 19-years old, Bieber simply “sipped water” at each of his stops. Of course he did.

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