06.13.07 11 years ago 18 Comments

Justin Verlander kicked the crap out of the Brewers last night, becoming the first Tigers pitcher to throw a no-hitter at home in 55 years.  With his fastball clocking in at over 100 mph, his curve and change fooling hitters, and an assload of seagulls swarming the field, the Brewers managed to get only three balls out of the infield.  Verlander struck out 12 and walked four.

By comparison, when I was 24 (Verlander's age) I drank a case of wine — not a box, a case of 12 bottles — with some friends in the parking garage of a San Diego mall, then later got tossed out of a strip club when I took my shirt off.  So I understand what it means to accomplish something so great at a young age.

Other MLB scores: Huzzah! Mariners continue to roll with win over Cubs in 13 innings… Yanks climb back to .500 thanks to stingy Wang… The Phillies defeated the White Sox with Cole Hamels on the mound, who earned his NL-leading 9th win.  Hamels also leads the NL in chicks from Survivor banged.

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