Kate Upton Said There’s A Strict No-Sex Policy Before Justin Verlander’s Games

Model Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander are definitely at the top of the sexy sports power couple pyramid, no question about it. Kate Upton was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live show and a caller asked her what her fiancé Verlander preferred, sex before a game or sex after? Not only did Kate respond, her answer was pretty surprising.

“There’s no sex before a game. Absolutely none,” Upton revealed. “And then, also what I’ve just found out is if he plays too well, there’s no sex after, either. He’s too exhausted. Kind of a buzzkill for me.”

Upton is obviously proud of what a great player Verlander is. When the Baseball Writers’ Association of America handed Rick Porcello the Cy Young Award for best pitcher last year, Kate lashed out on Twitter.

The snub was the result of two BWAA members not including Verlander at all on their ballots, allowing Porcello to win despite Verlander having way more first place votes. According to Upton, her fiancé appreciated the immediate show of support.

“I had to write it so fast because he wasn’t even off TV yet. Like I had to write it before he edits me.” Upton said. “I think [Justin’s] first reaction was a little bit surprised that I had already sent it, but overall he loved it. I just think that the MLB should really plan ahead, maybe prepare their writers.”

Sounds like Upton is still unimpressed with the know-nothings that didn’t vote for her future hubby.

(via SportingNews.com)