Kate Upton Rapping Update: She’s Still Not Rapping, But It’s Close Enough

Last week we posted the preview clip of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Kate Upton spitting hot fire alongside Outkast’s Big Boi and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson for episode 2 of Skullcandy’s Take a Supermodel to Work. The full episode has arrived, and if you’re a fan of watching Kate Upton remove her jacket, you’ll like it.

I was expecting a full-on ‘The Love Below’ effort from Kate, and unfortunately we STILL don’t get to hear her rapping. We just get her saying rap terms while a pair of Not Jean-Ralphios ogle her boobs and Big Boi just plays video games with Stevie. But, you know, Kate is adorable, and it is what it is. I guess Kate singing along to ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ will have to remain the best Kate Upton rapping memory.

You can check out the full episode below. Spoiler alert:

As an added bonus, here’s Kate’s SI photoshoot video, mostly included so you could see the part where she’s about to die from extreme temperatures, but soldiers on because she sees some penguins.