Gritty Has A Special Christmas Message For Katie Nolan In This ‘Love Actually’ Spoof

Since his big debut as the official team mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers in September, Gritty has become a breakout nationwide sensation. Although the initial reaction to the seven-foot-tall, googly-eyed, Satanic-looking orange creature was shaky, at best, he was quickly embraced by a country that needed him more than ever. So while Gritty is obviously an extremely important mascot and in high demand these days, he still found time to drop in on ESPN’s Katie Nolan to bring her a very special Christmas message.

And by “very special Christmas message,” we mean that he roasted her “trash” takes on Twitter. Pointing out one tweet in particular in which Nolan made the claim that NFL refs are “like 0 for 100 on calling pick plays correctly,” Gritty responded on Love Actually inspired cards, “To me, this tweet is trash.”

Gritty went on to explain that as a former middle school intramural flag football ref, the subject is one near and dear to his heart. “Actually, refs are good,” he countered before launching into a full #WellActually style trolling job, ending the whole thing with a well-placed “you should smile more.”

We know Gritty is a lot of things to a lot of people, but who knew he was also such an experienced sports Twitter troll?