Katy Perry: Flag Hag?

06.15.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Katy Perry was pictured sporting this dress on Saturday, in order to play Switzerland as the US squared off against England in the World Cup. A classic move reminiscent of Laura Quinn’s neutral Fiesta Bowl jersey. Perry, who is engaged to gender curious “comedian” Russel Brand, certainly proved herself to be a snappy dresser. She took what could have potentially been an awkward situation and made a titty witty joke out of it.

Like a donkey eating a waffle! Sweet Sassy Molassey! Get out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rubdown!

Now that I’ve got that out of my system – among other things – let’s move on. As you probably already know, Katy Perry is an all-American gal, but she also has to weigh a conflict of interest of sorts given that her fiancé is none other than British comedian Russell Brand. So, the lovely Miss Perry did her best to straddle the conflict regarding the U.S.-England match on Saturday by rocking this incredible getup which featured both the U.S. and Union Jack flags. –Sportressofblogitude

I’m a fan of women being athletically aware, but the flag she sported on her chest dress isn’t the English flag. She was wearing this the British flag. The English flag is actually this. I know that because I took geography class in middle school. We had pop quizzes on what countries had which flags, and I studied for those quizzes. Afterwords, I got high on Sharpie ink and slept through algebra class.

I bet some douche clothing designed made the dress that way intentionally. Those people don’t have time to care about what’s factually relevant. They’re way too busy doing coke and smoking with cigarettes in the company of lingerie models to be troubled with things that the “hoi polloi” believe are “written in books” or “bad for your health.”

More pictures of Katy can be seen here, and the ref’d SNL skit can be seen after the jump.

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