Keenan, Brian Wilson’s Beard Join Forces

Keenan Cahill suffers from a rare genetic disease called MPS Type 6, which has restricted the 16-year-old’s growth and movement physically, but not the spread of the countless viral videos that this little dude has been creating for years. I’m pretty sure every lip-sync pop hit Keenan has put on YouTube has views in the seven-figure range, and his latest, Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite,” should fare as well.

Keenan made the video with San Franciso Giants Cody Ross and Brian Wilson, and whatever the hell that giant plush animal in the background there happens to be. The Giants and Keenan are cooperating on a fundraiser being held next month.

What do you get when you combine one of the most popular post-season super stars with the most famous Social Media / Youtube icons on the planet? You’ll just have to show up to the park that night to find out! What we can tell you is that your ticket package will include a very cool “Ross is Boss” shirt jersey and a ticket to the game. Keep your eye on the scoreboard to see the full video production of a highly anticipated Giants & Keenan Cahill video! Proceeds from ticket sales will help benefit causes dear to both Cody & Keenan.

[team website]

The game is Wednesday night, May 25 in San Fran. I wonder if it will feature Keenan jumping over a shark tank in the outfield. As long as Keenan doesn’t try to lip-sync “Friday,” then I’m fine with whatever he wants to do. Personally, I think he’d be a great Bond villain. And he’s funnier than Kenan Thompson, which is saying absolutely nothing.

Watch the video after the jump, or give it your best effort to get through the whole thing.