Keith Hernandez Got Nice And Pervy While A Woman Ate A $25 Hot Dog

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04.16.14 12 Comments

Chase Field hot dog

Speaking of Keith Hernandez, the New York Mets legend and SNY baseball commentator had plenty of time to check out the scenery in Phoenix last night, as the Mets manhandled the Arizona Diamondbacks for a 9-0 blowout. In the top of the 5th, with the Mets already up 9-0, Hernandez got a look at one of those infamous $25 Chase Field hot dogs that we’ve all heard so much about, and it was being devoured by a bro and his babe on date night.

The lady, to put it politely, was rather pleasant to look at, but to put her appearance in terms that would define how Hernandez reacted, I’ll refer to a favorite GIF of mine…


Fortunately, our friend Josh Gold-Smith captured the video of Hernandez’s hilariously bad joke that led to one hell of an awkward moment in baseball broadcasting.

I can only assume that the silence was caused by intense eye-rolling. Don’t ever change, Keith.

(H/T to Awful Announcing)

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