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Ken Griffey Jr hit his 587th home run last night to surpass Frank Robinson and take sole possession of sixth on the career home run list as the Reds beat the Braves 10-3 at Turner Field.  It was the 24th of the season for Griffey, who mysteriously refuses to injure his legs in what's becoming his best season as a Red.

Not to be outdone by some future Hall of Famer, Reds rookie starter Bobby Livingston, who got the call-up from Triple-A before the game, went 4-for-4 with an RBI in only five innings of work.  How do you pull a guy who's 4-for-4?  It's the National League, man.  Do a double-switch and let him play left field or something.  It's not like the Reds have anything to lose.  The status quo got them a 38-55 record; I don't see why they can't flirt with the unorthodox.  Keep the hot-hitting pitcher in the game.  Let midgets pinch-hit.  Put some cheerleaders on top of the dugout.  Especially put cheerleaders on the dugout.  That one goes for all teams, actually.

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