Ken Shamrock Loses To Royce Gracie After A Controversial Low Blow

Bellator 149 refuses to make sense. In the long history or Royce Gracie’s career, we’ve never seen a knockout victory by the godfather of MMA, but we did tonight. And somehow, it came when Royce refused to tape his hands. In fact, he may have never thrown a punch until he brought Ken Shamrock down with a bevy of knees. Some legal, some not.

As if this evening could’ve gotten stranger after Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000, it looked like Royce hit Ken Shamrock with a knee to the groin, then a knee to Shamrock’s temple which sent Shamrock to the ground, stunned, after a weird delayed reaction. A few un-taped fists to Shamrock’s head later, and it was all over.

Naturally, Shamrock was p*ssed. He believed Royce low-blowed him on purpose, and was genuinely saddened by the outcome of the fight.

Ken Shamrock is now 0-2-1 against Royce Gracie. I say let them fight again!