Kevin Durant Finally Recorded A Rap Song

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10.30.12 2 Comments

It had been rumored for some time that Kevin Durant was going to ignore the precedent set by so many NBA players before him and try his hand at the rap game. A lot of us thought it was a joke because we watched the trailer for Durant’s film debut, Thunderstruck, and we figured someone close to the Oklahoma City Thunder star would tell him to chill out with the non-basketball stuff until he had a few rings and hundreds of millions of dollars. After all, you either need to be a champion or a complete lunatic to qualify for NBA-player-turned-rapper status. Unless you’re Tony Parker, because he gets the “Eh, he’s French” exemption.

But speaking of lunatics, it’s Stephen Jackson AKA STAK5 that has brought Durant to our ears on his latest mixtape, “Jack of all Trades”. Durant appears on the track “Lonely at the Top”, which is an anthem for all of you who are affected by the haters out there. According to our friends at The Basketball Jones, LeBron James will also be featured on a STAK5 track, but we’ll have to wait for the album’s full release to know if that’s true.

Until then, here’s Durant’s long-awaited debut…

Here’s the thing… it’s not terrible. But Durant definitely doesn’t sound comfortable and his “errbody” is a little forced. But then, I’m not a rapper, so I’m hardly one to criticize. Durant is a star, though, and he’s going to keep rapping and acting all he wants, simply because he can. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Space Jam 2 should begin filming next summer.

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