Hingle McCringleberry Is Back And Pumping Himself Up For The NFL Draft

Hingle McCringleberry, who does not have dingleberry in his name, because that would be too on the nose, just wants a chance to be taken in the NFL Draft. So he sat down with Trey Wingo for three minutes to discuss why he needs to be the top pick in Thursday night’s draft.

It’s also a very confusing interview, as McCringleberry, which, again, is not the same as the word dingleberry, mentions how he went to Penn State. That’s also the same college attended by actor/comedian Keegan-Michael Key, star of the sketch comedy show Key & Peele, who is very much not eligible to be drafted. But McCringleberry is, and he wants to make his case.

One argument put forth by McCringleberry is that he pumps his arms a lot after scoring touchdowns for a team called the Rhinos, which is not Penn State’s nickname, and that he, “learned that in college.” This timeline appears to show that McCringleberry is not at all eligible for the draft and has been playing some sort of pro football for several years.

There are also mentions of rival players “from back in your college days” that have some interesting names. It’s quite possible this is merely a sketch and this McCringleberry character is not at all a real person because none of this makes sense for someone who wants to be drafted.

Anyway, Keanu is in theaters this week. It stars Key & Peele. Those guys are funny.