Key & Peele’s East/West Bowl Players Had A Rap Battle For Some Reason

Comedy Central’s Key & Peele hit comedy gold with their original East/West College Bowl player introductions bit, so it made sense that when 2013 rolled around, they’d do it again. Now, because they have TWO successful viral videos instead of one, Key & Peele are gonna beat that horse to death and turn it into a Gilly sketch before 2014.

It’s not that bad (…yet), but Key & Peele have taken the players from the East/West Bowl and put them into a rap battle. One side gets a cheesy, 1980s Chicago Bears-style shuffle and the other side gets a slick, J.J. Abrams-directed response. It’s still funny (especially BYU’s Dan Smith, who runs away with it), but if in three months the East/West Bowl guys are doing ‘Blurred Lines’ parodies I’m throwing in the towel.

Here’s the new clip:


I think the funniest thing from any of these videos is Key & Peele’s “come on guys, watch our actual show, come onnnn” pleas at the end. Welcome to new media, guys! If MadTV had been in its prime when Twitter was around you’d be seeing “Stuart gets locked in a zoo cage with a gorilla” on Deadspin every week. And you’d be happy.