01.20.10 8 years ago 37 Comments

Kim Kardashian tried to pass off some tabloid gruel this week after we were subjected to a number of skybox shots that would have made Brenda Warner blush.

She told a radio interviewer her longtime boyfriend, running back Reggie Bush, made a deal with her: If the Saints win the Super Bowl, he’ll propose to the voluptuous reality star. Some cynics joked on Saturday that Bush might throw the game, but it seemed from his stellar performance that he’s eager to get hitched. Page Six/NY Post.

Kim already has come out and said that the bet was taken “out of context,” but here’s a better question: Why would anyone…think about this…why would anyone interview Kim Kardashian on the radio? Did she just randomly call in? I’m sure she had some great opinions on the relief effort in Haiti. I could show her a map of Haiti, and say “Point to Haiti,” and she’d point to the blue on the map. And then I’d say, “Great. Let’s drive there!” And I think you can see where this is going… Thanks, Jack. Again.

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