Kirk Gibson Is Finally An All-Star

Two times in his career as a Major League Baseball player, current Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson turned down invitations to play in the All-Star Game. Even though one of those invites came from his Detroit Tigers manager, Sparky Anderson, Gibson still declined because he wanted to spend time with his family and rest, which is unique because most players tend to embrace the spotlight, even as a coach’s selection or just a mandatory addition.

Apparently Gibson’s refusals all those years ago really pissed his dad off and now the son wants to make things right. Gibson will appear in his first-ever All-Star Game, this time as a coach, per the invite of San Francisco Giants and National League All-Stars manager Bruce Bochy.

During spring training, Gibson sat in his office and recounted some of the talks he had with his father about declining his two All-Star invitations. But even in late February, he knew he would be on Bochy’s coaching staff at this year’s game. Bochy and Gibson had talked about it all winter.

“Old man, you’re finally going to get your wish,” Gibson said, gazing up at the ceiling.

Robert Gibson grew up during the Great Depression and couldn’t play baseball as a youth. He was too busy pulling a red wagon and hawking vegetables or selling newspapers.

“He lived his childhood, I think,” Gibson said, “through me.” (AZ Central)

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