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Knicks rookie Danilo Gallinari scored a career-high nine points in Monday night’s win over the Bulls, but he wasn’t happy with the way the Knicks’ in-house PA announcer treated his Italian heritage.

After each of his four baskets, the Knicks’ long-time public address announcer Mike Walczewski, using a thick Italian accent, said “Daneeelo Gal-lin-ar-ay” and then the Italian songs “Volare” or “That’s Amore” were played.

When asked about hearing his name, Gallinari said: “I need to talk a little bit with them about that. Because it’s not so good, the pronunciation. I will talk about that. As for the music, no, not so good.”

Gallinari then added, “Ay!  Why you make-a fun-a Danilo?  I score-a points.  I make you pizza.  What did Daneelo do to you?”  Then he harassed and followed an attractive woman for two blocks before going back to his mother’s house.

So, wait.  What was the problem again?

[FanIQ / FanNation]

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