12.01.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

Two things happened at the Staples Center last night: 1. Kobe Bryant blew up for 52 points on 19-of-26 shooting, and 2. the Jazz got pwn3d 132-102.

What a pleasant blowout. You just don't see teams scoring 130+ points in a game often enough in the NBA (the Lakers scored 79 points in the second half alone), and it's a nice treat to see the state of Utah's finest lose three out of four after opening the season 12-1.

After the game, Utah coach Jerry Sloan talked about Bryant's performance:

"He caught the ball and got on a roll; he just made whatever he caught. Players like that, they get on a roll and I don't think there's much you can do. He really raped us tonight."

Okay, I made that last sentence up. Besides, it was consensual.

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