Even Kurt Busch Had To Laugh When A ‘Jeopardy!’ Answer About His Last Name Went Terribly Wrong

Jeopardy! has always been a game of accuracy and following the rules, which is why it’s very funny when the context clues make a contestant go in a very incorrect direction. The latest example, as it often is, comes from the world of sports — specifically, NASCAR.

On Thursday night, a Jeopardy! clue popped up about NASCAR brothers Kurt and Kyle Busch in a category had contestants thinking about beer names. But the question went very wrong, and the former brother’s racing team took notice on Twitter.

“What is Coors,” was the answer given for a question that, if you’re a NASCAR fan, is clearly about the Busch brothers. Jeopardy! contestants often struggle with sports questions, so this isn’t that big of a surprise. But usually these fails go unnoticed by the person the clue was actually about. The New York Yankees, for example, were a little too busy this week to publicly respond to contestants butchering a category about the team’s history.

But Kurt Busch saw it thanks to Chip Ganassi Racing sharing it on Twitter. He then retweeted it and responded himself, laughing and suggesting an even worse answer given the fizzy clue.

It just goes to show you, once again, that not everyone’s idea of “easy” is the same when it comes to trivia. It’s one of the many ways watching Jeopardy! can make you feel better about your own trivia aptitude. You know, sometimes.