05.09.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

Busted Coverage returns from its latest voyage from the briny depths of the tubes with this undated photo of Kyle Orton getting blitzed in the best way he can deal with while posing with a busty young lass from a Chicago radio station.

Okay, Orton may not be any more inebriated in this photo than he is at any other time, but he's always good for looking the part. And the fact that we don't know the date of the photo won't stop us from irresponsibly positing the question of why Orton can get drunk with impunity and Cedric Benson gets popped in front of his mom.

You might say it's the white skin but in actuality authorities just plain respect a good neck beard. 

Ms. Mammaries has a few other pics with prominent Chicago sports figures, including Brian Urlacher, Michael Jordan, Lance Briggs and Alfonso Soriano, but they aren't in varying states of intoxication and she's not in varying states of undress, so it's up to you to dig through them. She may have a face for radio, but those breasts are at least good enough for a webcam feed to my computer (nudge, nudge, fap, fap).

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