Kyrie Irving Is Good In Fiction And In Real Life

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11.14.12 9 Comments

Get ready for the analytical insight that brought you to a comedy sports blog for your opinions: Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving is really good at basketball.

The real question (because otherwise I won’t have much of a blog post) is whether or not the Fictional Kyrie Irving is better than the real one. Take, for example, the comparison of real and fictional Shawn Bradley. In fiction, he once had his “basketball playing ability” stolen by some aliens. In real life, he never had any basketball playing ability. Clearly, the fictional one is better.

Kyrie helped us out this week by providing two key examples, one from each side of the argument. Representing Fictional Kyrie Irving is ‘Foot Locker Week of Greatness ft Kyrie Irving: 60,’ a commercial where he dunks in slow motion and has time to do everything from gargle mouthwash to read a book and clip his fingernails. Representing Non-Fiction Kyrie Irving is a clip of him dropping a ridiculous behind-the-back bounce pass assist to Anderson Varejao. I can’t decide which one I like more, so I’m leaving it up to you.

Both contestants are below.



So, which clip takes it?

[a non-fiction h/t to That NBA Lottery Pick]

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