One Lacrosse Team’s Twisted Pregame Ritual Included Killing A Guinea Pig


A Detroit area high school lacrosse team is under investigation for allegedly killing a guinea pig and painting themselves with its blood in some sort of twisted pregame ritual. Members of the Grosse Ile High School boy’s lacrosse team reportedly killed the animal as part of a “team bonding” exercise prior to a game last week.

Whatever they were hoping to accomplish with the despicable act clearly didn’t work out too well, as the Red Devils (fitting nickname) lost 13-6 in the game. That guinea pig died for nothing. 

(Side note: The guinea pig pictured above is not the one murdered by Grosse Ile, at least not to my knowledge. Regardless, we should choose to remember the victim for being as cute as that one.)

It’s unknown who it was that made the allegations to officials, but it’s not looking great for the team if it turns out to be a solid source.

The school has since suspended all future games while the police department conducts an investigation. Police tell us they are actively investigating at least 10 of the 18 members of the team. No word yet on what consequences they may face.

Michael Goddard lives in Grosse Ile and said that, if true, whatever action the school takes may not be enough.

“If that’s what happened, I think maybe more than suspension should happen. That’s the serial killer kind of stuff,” Goddard said.

It certainly is messed up, but calling all these kids serial killers seems a bit preemptive. More than likely, this bizarre story can just be chalked up to lax bros being some of the weirdest dudes on the planet. High schoolers have too much testosterone and sometimes a poor guinea pig just finds itself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Maybe just stick to pizza parties as a team bonding experience next time. Or there’s always trust falls. Both are way less gross and murdery.

(Via Fox 2 Detroit)