Lane Kiffin Celebrated Alabama’s Beatdown Of Tennessee By Throwing His Visor To A Vols Fan

10.15.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Lane Kiffin has beef with the University of Tennessee, and that beef is reciprocated and multiplied by Volunteers fans. Kiffin was the head coach in Knoxville for a year before he left town to take the USC job. Vols fans really, really hate him for that, and on Saturday, Tennessee had the chance to whoop up on its old coach when Alabama came to town.

Instead, Kiffin’s offense absolutely destroyed Tennessee, as the Crimson Tide went for 594 yards of total offense. Five of Alabama’s seven touchdowns came on offense, and all five of Alabama’s offensive touchdowns came on the ground. Tennessee, on the other hand, put up 10 points and 163 yards of offense. It was ugly if you’re a Volunteers fan, which means that it was probably just what Kiffin wanted.

After the game, while Kiffin was walking off the field, he decided to give a gift to one lucky Volunteers fan. He took off his visor and threw it to someone decked out in orange, who kind of surprisingly didn’t throw it back or try to jump down and fight his team’s former coach or anything like that. It was the most Kiffin thing you can imagine: it was brash, it was defiant, and its intent was to pay as much disrespect to Tennessee as possible.

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