Ole Miss Lineman Laremy Tunsil’s Draft Night Continues To Spiral Out Of Control

NFL Draft
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Most of the storylines on NFL Draft night are typically about players realizing their lifelong dreams of playing professional football. But even though he was selected 13th overall by the Miami Dolphins, offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil found himself at the center of headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Ole Miss lineman first sparked buzz when a video of him smoking an unknown substance out of a gas mask was posted to his official Twitter account just prior to the draft’s start. After teams were made aware of the video, Tunsil didn’t deny that it was him featured in the video, but also claimed that it wasn’t recorded recently and that his account was hacked.

That would only prove to be the beginning, as Tunsil’s Instagram account was also apparently later hacked. Photos were posted that depicted alleged conversations between Tunsil and at least one member of the Ole Miss coaching staff about an exchange of money to help the tackle pay personal bills. Obviously, under the NCAA’s strict guidelines, players are not allowed to accept money or gifts from coaches.

After being selected by the Dolphins, Tunsil was asked about the hacks and, surprisingly, he was allowed to speak freely. That may not have been such a great idea.

It’s unfortunate that what should have been an extremely special night for a young man was spoiled by someone (or multiple people) who seemingly are out to get him, for whatever reason. It’s also unfortunate that this is likely just the beginning of his headache.