A Giants Player Left The Game With A Concussion After This Devastating Hit From Two Vikings Defenders

Associate Editor

Giants tight end Larry Donnell is kind of like Cam Newton – he’s a huge dude who doesn’t get thrown around very easily. The two are also similar in that both guys got banged up during Week 4 of the NFL schedule because some defenders got in their faces and lit them up.

During the Giants’ game against the Vikings, Donnell attempted to block Minnesota linebacker Anthony Barr. When he saw what was going on, Barr completely wrecked Donnell, who stumbled backwards into his running back, Orleans Darkwa. After bouncing off of his teammate, Donnell fell into another Vikings defender, who threw him down to the ground.

Donnell was taken out after this play, and shortly thereafter the Giants announced that he would miss the remainder of the game due to a concussion.

Again, this is similar to what happened to Newton on Sunday against the Falcons, because after he got hit hard by a defender he had to get taken out of the game due to a concussion. But this play is especially scary because Donnell kind of just flailed around aimlessly in the middle of a play after Barr made contact. Hopefully he ends up being ok, because man, this looked like it could have been really bad.

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