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As long-time weekend readers know, I have a system for betting on animal contests – I drink a pint of Jameson and delve into the Summa Thelogica of St. Thomas Aquinas for wagering advice from the doctor of the Church. Let's see what insight St. Tommy has for us today:

But a created agent, even after ceasing to act, can cause its effect to be preserved in being; thus the house continues to stand after the builder has ceased to build; and water remains hot for sometime after the fire has ceased to heat.

Hmm, OK. Methinks old TA liked to imbibe the water of life as well. I interpret your superfecta thusly,

  1. Colonel John (currently 4-1) —  I have a soft spot for military personnel. It's on my skull and I received it from 2 drunken sailors who impugned the fielding ability of former White Sox first baseman Mike Squires.
  2. Eight Belles (currently 8-1) —  Is this a challenge to pleasure 8 lovely Southern debutantes in 4 hours? Damn this whiskey – it has left me useless!
  3. Big Brown (currently 7-2) — If this is my old Cook County cell mate, he's rough out of the gate and a weak finisher.
  4. Gayego (currently 21-1) — Running in the powder blue silks. He's a fancy boy, isn't he?

If you're more interested in the other part of the pic, see more of lovely Luci here and here -NSFW. -KD

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