With Leather’s Watch This: Holy Crap! Look At Roy Nelson!

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10.01.13 6 Comments

Roy Nelson is skinny now

What’s the over/under on “More like Little Country!” jokes that were made after Roy Nelson posted this new slender look to Facebook yesterday? I’m going with 500,000. That said, I’m always worried when a typically heavier person loses a lot of weight, because of the Wayne Knight/John Popper effect on a career. Sure, people who have lost a ton of weight have still gone on to have successful careers, despite the fact that they had a “type,” but things are never the same.

But then, maybe this is what Nelson needed to get back on the winning trail. Or maybe this is just one of those situations where the way he’s standing effectively hides his gut, like the way I mastered posing for pictures throughout college. Either way, fat or thin, I’m looking forward to Nelson’s next fight.

MLB Wild Card Playoff Game: Reds at Pirates – 8 PM ET on TBS

Dusty Baker is indifferent

As a Cardinals fan, I’m generally regarded as classier and more intelligent than other baseball fans, which is why I’m the perfect guy to pick which team should win this Wild Card game. Should it be the Cincinnati Reds, who have flirted with being a championship team for the better part of the last decade with rosters loaded with talent, only to fall flat every time because of their bitter, inept manager and watch their bitter rivals, the Cardinals, win two World Series in the last six years?

Or should it be the Pittsburgh Pirates, the team that has toiled in baseball’s cellar for two decades and finally, after years of acquiring exciting, young talent and several veteran leaders, not only finished better than .500 but also made the playoffs?

It’s a trick question, because the Cardinals should win all of the World Series forever and ever.

NHL: Capitals at Blackhawks – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

Wait, what? It’s hockey time already? All right, I’ll try to care in between NFL, NCAA Football and the baseball playoffs. Geez.

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