With Leather’s Watch This: NL MVP Andrew McCutchen Proposed On ‘Ellen’

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen could play for a team called the Hell’s Baby Eaters and he’d still be one of the most impossible professional athletes in any sport to hate. He’s just so damn likable and fun to watch, and there’s nobody that deserved to be named National League MVP more than him this year. And now on top of that, he became an engaged man today as he proposed to his girlfriend, Maria Hansloven, on the Ellen show.

Damn it, McCutchen, you make it harder and harder for us normal schmucks to look good. Just please promise that you won’t ever get caught doing something stupid or awful, okay?

NBA: Bulls at Knicks – 8 PM ET on ESPN
NBA: Mavericks at Warriors – 10:30 PM ET on ESPN

When do the Chris Bosh for Carmelo Anthony rumors begin? I’ve got to imagine all sorts of Anthony rumors are going to begin soon enough. Maybe the Lakers? Yeah, probably. I’m just spitballing here out of boredom.

NHL: Flyers at Blackhawks – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

Do you think Patrick Sharp looks at this game and wonders what his career would have been like if he’d never left the Flyers? Hahahahahahahaha, me neither.

NCAA Basketball: North Dakota State at Notre Dame – 7 PM ET on ESPNU

Over/under on viewers for this game: three TVs left on by stoners who went to get White Castle.