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If Cleveland’s entire economy is in fact based on LeBron James, then Ohio’s northeast region shouldn’t expect any major setbacks in 2010, according to his mother, Gloria. Unless, of course, you consider actually living in Cleveland to be a setback. Which you should.

The hoops star’s mother, Gloria, told Page Six it’s not happening. “He’s a hometown boy,” she said. LeBron grew up in Akron, Ohio, but his home now is Cleveland.

The Jameses were at the Monkey Bar for the book party Graydon Carter threw for “Shooting Stars” (Penguin Press), the story of LeBron’s team at St. Vincent-St. Mary HS and their coach, Dru Joyce II.via, via.

Monkey Bar? The Knicks are terrible, anyway. It’ll take more than LeBron to shape up that sorry organization. Sure, the Knicks don’t have the legacy of suckitude that Cleveland does, but it’s New York, where everything there is more awesome because people there say it is. They’re like Germany in the 1940s, but without the cool hats.

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